Table of Content


  1. Christian Apologetics made Easy. 1. Introduction and a Life without God.
  2. Time to Think 13. Mind and Body. The Animal Within.
  3. To Know and to Love God vs Being Religious 
  4. Time to Think. 1. Arguments for the Existence of God
  5. Time to Think. 2. Why Life without God is Untenable, if not Absurd
  6. Time to Think. 3. How Reliable is the Biblical Account of Jesus Christ?
  7. Time to Think. 4.The Problem of Evil.
  8. Time to Think. 5. Morality. Because of God, or Not?
  9. Time to Think. 6. Moral Relativism
  10. Time to Think. 7. The Case for Faith. What is Faith and What is the Evidence?
  11. Time to Think. 8.“How Do You Know Jesus Rose from the Dead” Evidence for the Resurrection of Christ
  12. Time To Think. 9. Christianity, World Religions, and Atheism.
  13. Time to Think. 10. Christians are narrow-minded to claim that ‘Jesus is the only way to God’ 
  14. Time to Think. 11. Do You Want God to Exist?
  15. Time to Think 12. God’s Morality under Question. The Atheists’ Judgment of God
  16. Time to Think 13. The Evidence for Miracles
  17. Two Arguments Why the Believe in God is Rational
  18. “Don’t Talk to Me About God; The Reality of The Holocaust During WWII is Enough to Show Me That He Does Not Exist.”
  19. Touched by God. What does it Mean? Can it be Real? An emotion, a delusion?
  20. One Author
  21. Confronted with Suffering? Driving you to God or away from God?
  22. Happiness and the Meaning of Life
  23. Forgiveness. But what about the Restoration of the Relationship? It is not the same.
  24. The ‘Third Most Important Law’ – Love Yourself.
  25. When one’s last day on earth is over, personal ultimate purpose of life will get its full meaning.
  26. A Concise Essay that Refutes Physicalism (Based on a lecture by J.P. Moreland’)
  27. Has Modern Ideologies Killed the Meaning of Life? Why a Worldview without God is Absurd, Dishonest and Delusional.
  28. The Omnipresence of God
  29. Can God be all Powerful, all Knowing?
  30. ‘I do not know you’ God. Religion vs Relationship
  31. What is this virus, Covid-19? And God?
  32. Why God is not a Megalomaniac