Welcome to my blog about the reality of God. The more you think, the more you read, the more you write, the more logically coherent the concept of God seems to become. With an open mind and heart a life can be changed if truth is earnestly sought.

‘Faith and Reason are Dance Partners’

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The mind needs to know, the heart needs to be touched

Religious leader: ‘We know that God has sent You to teach us. Your miraculous signs are proof of that’ Jesus replied: ‘Lest your heart is touched & changed, you can’t be part of God’ John 3-paraphrased. Arguments, proof, are not what change lives but His touch.

Tertius Venter

Tertius Venter had been in private practice as plastic and reconstructive surgeon in East London, South Africa, for 10 years when he signed up to serve on a Christian hospital ship for 10 days on the West Coast of Africa. Gripped by the love and reality of God, the intense poverty he saw and the desperate need of people sharing our world, his life changed forever. He was called to serve God fulltime and serves in different miniseries. Since 2006 Tertius has been a fulltime volunteer with the organizations Mercy Ships International, Operation Smile and The Pan African Academy of Christian Surgeons to help relieve this enormous burden that destroys so many lives. These organizations reach out to the forgotten poor with a message of hope and healing, show them by word and action that each human life is valuable, important and certainly not forgotten.  While physical and spiritual healing takes place, dignity and self-respect is restored.

Apart from serving the poor with free surgical procedures, he has a ministry in the Red Light District of Amsterdam bringing the love of God to the girls trapped in prostitution.

And  a heart to bring the reality and love of God to the sceptic, the agnostic and the atheist.






Time to Think 12. God’s Morality under Question. The Atheists’ Judgment of God

Share us >> There is a common claim that the God of the Old Testament, even in the New Testament, seems very harsh, brutal, and even evil. A look at the Old Testament and we see slavery, killing of the Canaanites, and harsh penalties, e.g., to put to death adulterers, blasphemers, and children who did …

Time to Think 11. Do You Want God to Exist?

Share us >>   Should we want God to exist? And explaining evil in pragmatic belief. We will consider three related questions with emphasis on the third question pertaining to the existence of evil and suffering: The ontological question – does God exist? (ontology =nature of being) The epistemological question – is it rational to believe …


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