When one’s last day on earth is over, personal ultimate purpose of life will get its full meaning.

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For the Christian, the last day will be a personal fulfillment of a life lived. A reflection spanning his and her entire life. Every act, every thought important. The meaning and purpose, the significance of his and her life, of every deed, will usher him/her into the new future. Through grace into an intimate closeness to his and her eternal Creator, to the God who is love.

For the atheist, should atheism be true, it will be a day when everything comes to an end, a day when everything that has had temporal meaning in his or her life, will dramatically, abruptly, permanently, and totally lose all personal meaning. An end in nothingness ‘entering’ a state of non-existence, of non-consciousness. From pre-conception nothingness to post-death nothingness. A life lived but with the total annihilation of  any ultimate personal meaning on the day of death. The absurdity of a life without God. 

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